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Melanin Innovations Consulting

Build Trust, Mitigate Risk: Ethical AI Solutions for Your Company.

The Challenge: Unconscious Bias

The tech industry struggles to design AI products free from bias. Unconscious biases in development datasets and algorithms can lead to discriminatory outcomes. Consumers are increasingly demanding ethical and inclusive technology.

The Solution: Melanin Innovations: Your Inclusive AI Partner

We are a team of diverse tech experts with a deep understanding of AI and the importance of building inclusive products. We bridge the gap between creators and users, ensuring AI reflects the richness of human experience.

Melanin Innovations offers specialized consulting services to help tech companies design AI products that are culturally aware and avoid bias.

Friendly Meeting
Bias-Free AI Audit for Rule-Based and Linear Regression Models

Identify and mitigate biases in your rule-based systems and linear regression models to ensure fairness and equity for all users. Build trust and mitigate risks with our comprehensive audit.


  • Detailed audit report identifying potential biases.

  • Actionable recommendations for bias mitigation and improvement of fairness.

  • Guidance on implementing ethical AI practices.

Starting Price: $7,500 (dependent on complexity of models and data)

Business Meeting

Inclusive Design for AI Products

Empower your team to create AI products that are accessible, user-friendly, and inclusive for diverse audiences. Design with equity in mind from the start.


  • Interactive workshops for your team.

  • Design frameworks and tools for inclusive AI development.

  • Practical guidance on incorporating diverse perspectives into your design process.

Starting Price: $10,000 (dependent on the length and scope of the sprint)​


User Feedback Loop for Equitable AI

Gather meaningful feedback from diverse users to uncover blind spots, improve user experiences, and optimize your AI solutions for maximum impact, accessibility and inclusivity.


  • Comprehensive user research reports with actionable insights.

  • Recommendations for product improvement based on user feedback.

  • Guidance on creating an ongoing feedback loop for continuous improvement.

Starting Price: $12,500 (dependent on the number of users and complexity of feedback collection)

Cultural Consulting

Benefits of Cultural Inclusion Consulting with Melanin Innovations:

  • Mitigate Legal & Ethical Risks: Avoid potential legal issues and reputational damage caused by biased AI.

  • Expand Market Reach: Design AI products that resonate with a wider audience and drive business growth.

  • Enhance User Experience: Create a positive and inclusive experience for all users, regardless of background.

  • Become an Industry Leader: Demonstrate your commitment to ethical and responsible AI development.

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