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Melanin Innovations Consulting

Benefits of AI & Digital Tools Consulting with Melanin Innovations

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  • Simple & Actionable Solutions: They break down complex AI concepts into practical steps that fit your business needs.

  • Customizable Approach: Their solutions are tailored to your specific challenges and goals.

  • Inclusive AI Expertise: They help you design AI products that are fair and accessible to everyone.

  • Improved Business Performance: By leveraging AI effectively, you can streamline operations, enhance marketing, and achieve greater growth.

AI & Digital Tools Consulting

Perfect for small businesses (1-50 employees) struggling with repetitive tasks, marketing inefficiency, or a lack of AI knowledge, Melanin Innovations provides a tiered consulting package approach:


AI Jumpstart
AI Assessment & Roadmap

For those just starting out and needing guidance.


Overwhelmed by AI?

We Make It Simple

Get a clear roadmap for AI adoption tailored to YOUR business.

This package analyzes your current operations and marketing strategies to identify areas where AI implementation can benefit your business. We create a customized roadmap outlining the most effective AI tools and strategies for your specific needs.

Starting at $1500


AI Accelerator
AI Implementation & Training

For those ready to implement and see results quickly.


AI for Good: Amplify Your Impact, Stay True to Your Values

Hands-on training and support to ensure your success with AI.


Building upon the Foundation package, this service assists with implementing the recommended AI tools. We integrate these tools with your existing systems and provide training for your staff on how to use them effectively.

Starting at $3000


AI Growth Partner
Ongoing AI Management & Support

For those looking for ongoing support and optimization as they scale.


Expert guidance on choosing the right AI tools and implementing them responsibly.

Affordable, easy-to-use solutions that save you time and money

This comprehensive package offers continuous monitoring of your AI performance. We adjust strategies as needed and provide ongoing support to ensure you maximize the benefits of AI in your business.

Starting at $5000

AI Consulting
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